Sons of the Oregon Trail never fail to please audiences with their music and poetry of the American West, the cowboy, pioneers and songs of this great land and the people living here. 

They are masters at relating Western traditional music of our times and days of yore. Butch Martin is known as one of this country's most beloved “Cowboy Poets and Balladeers” and his counterpart Skip Bessonette with his rich vocal tone has been called “the Pavarotti of Cowboy Music”.  Sons of the Oregon Trail are often joined by singer/songwriter Christina Duane.  Their radio show “Whittler’s Corner” is on radio stations Nation wide and in Europe.

Whittler's Corner Show Hosted by Butch Martin and Skip Bessonette

The End of the Oregon Trail


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Whittler's Corner Show 

Whittler's Corner is hosted by Sons of the Oregon Trail, Cowboy Poet Butch Martin and Balladeer Skip Bessonette.  Butch and Skip whittle away the problems of the world by playing the best in traditional Western music and poetry both classic and the new masters of the genre.  You can tune into Whittler's Corner on the following stations:

KRRM 94.7 FM, Grants Pass, Oregon
Saturday at 8:00 AM and Monday at 6:00 PM

KBNH 1230 AM, Burns, Oregon
Sunday before and after church in the morning

KORC 92.7, Burns Oregon
Before and after church in the morning

KWHT 1035 AM, The Dalles, Oregon

KSKQ, 94.9 FM, Ashland, Oregon

Ears Radio www.earsradio.com Germany and New York City
4:00 PM Sunday Evening EST

OMCRN (Opus Music Country Radio Network) www.omcrn.com, London, England
4:00 PM Sunday GMT


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